21 Sep, 2008

Did You Survive Sunday Roast?

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Sunday’s finally over and as many of you have probably indulged in the last meal of the week, I remembered a pretty neat “trick” I heard about dieting…

If you reward yourself with a brilliant Sunday lunch, you will be much more likely to be on your best behavior throughout the week.

It’s like the ‘carrot and stick effect’ whereby you keep yourself motivated on the back of getting a lovely, tasty Sunday dinner which you can just go overboard on… and because you’ve been working hard throughout the other 6 days, you shouldn’t feel guilty one bit about it!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks!

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I’ve got a question for you… Can you remember what you had for lunch last Wednesday?

If not then don’t worry – neither can I! It’s a sad fact that the majority of us don’t even bother to remember what we eat and yet if we did, I’m sure our “weight loss problems” would soon disappear.

One of the biggest problems in weight loss is not knowing where you’ve gone wrong or where you can improve. If you can’t remember what you’ve eaten and when – then how can you expect to change your nasty habits and move on?

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21 Sep, 2008

5 Ways A Recession Will Make Us Slimmer

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It’s been on the books for months and with the recent collapse of Lehman Brothers and the turmoil that brought, some of the World’s top economists are now talking about a possible recession.

No matter how “bad” a recession will get, it will always be a “good” way to help us lose weight and here’s 5 reasons why:

1. Lower levels of employment will mean less money to spend on “junk food”
Although we won’t stop going to the evil fast food chains altogether, a marked reduction in disposable income should see a drop in customer levels for the likes of McDonalds, Burger King and KFC…

With less people poisoning themselves at these places, the health benefits should be obvious.

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In a world full of sugar laden delights and sweet sensations, it’s no wonder that many thousands of people simply can’t bring themselves to eat just 5 small pieces of fruit each day. Although we’ve been told time and time again that ‘5-a-day’ is the healthiest way to eat, I’d guess that as many as 95% of people don’t actually achieve that.

Even people with an average build, such as myself, find it hard to eat the recommended portions of fruit every day simply because we don’t like most of it. Because we live in a World with McDonalds and KFC around every corner, it’s so easy to fill your diet with the fat-filled feasts that are there to expand your wasitline.

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