24 Sep, 2008

Recommended: Soccer For Weight Loss

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I don’t know about you buy I’m a keen soccer fan (it’s actually called “football” here in the UK).

I play it quite a lot (normally as much as 5-10 hours a week) and love it… not only because it is fun but also because it’s very good at helping you lose weight.

I mean – if you look at ALL the soccer stars, none of them are fat, tubby or overweight in any way, are they? They all haveĀ  thin, lean and athletic figures and that’s because of the simple reason that playing soccer is an incredibly good way to burn excess fat and build “lean muscle”…

And here’s why:

As with most sports, you have to run quite a fair distance in soccer. Some of the professional soccer players can run as much as 5-10 miles in a 90 minute game, with what I’d estimate as 65% of that distance being sprinted.

This is important in the whole ethos about soccer being a great way to lose weight. We all know that jogging and running are good ways to drop the pounds, so if you introduce that into a competitive environment where you are encouraged to push your body, then you’ve got a perfect recipe for fitness.

If you’re playing with a group of people who are actually good at soccer, you can expect the game to flow. This means that there is very little “stop-start” type actions that you find with football, tennis and other sports… which means that you are actually running for longer.

Because you’ve got the combination of uninterrupted running & sprinting with a hugely competitive environment, you can be sure that you’ll subconsciously be pushing your body more and more – which will boost your heart rate, metabolism and lean muscle production.

Lean muscle is basically when your body just breaks down what substances it can (including muscle and fat) and then replaces it with pure muscle.

That’s why I think playing soccer is a great way to get fit. Not only because you are running further and harder than some other sports but also because if you can play the game well – you will be able to really burn a lot of fat quickly.

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