24 Sep, 2008

6 Simple Ways To Promote Leanness

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You can lose weight but can you get “lean”?

Being “lean” is that weight loss nirvana that many aspire to enter, whereby your body loses most of its body fat and replaces it with muscle. Being “lean” is similar to having an “athletic” figure, whereby you don’t look like a bodybuilder but do have muscles…

Leanness is one of the primary goals of many people looking to lose weight. Not only is it a body image that many of us aspire to attain but it’s also popularized in the media with many models adopting the look.

To achieve leanness, here are 6 simple tips you can use:

1. Have different size meals at different times of the day
Eat a large breakfast in the morning. Eat small meals frequently, during the rest of the day. Eat a very small meal at night.

2. Don’t eat late at night
Try not to eat during the 2 hours before you go to bed. Why should you not eat late at night? Your body isn’t going to use the energy; it is going to store it as fat.

3. Follow the 90% rule
If you eat 7 meals a day, 7 days a week, for a total of 49 meals, you are allowed 5 cheat meals during that week. Any meal you missed, where you did not eat every 2-3 hours, counts as a cheat meal.

Cheat Meal Rules:

  • Don’t go overboard
  • If it is sugary, eat it right after a workout

4. Increase your NEAT/NEPA
Go for a fast paced walk, park your car farther away, and take the stirs are all examples of NEAT/NEPA.NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) or NEPA (Non Exercise Physical Activity) can become a great fat lose tool and can help you to stay lean, since most of the calories that we burn during a day are lost when we are outside of the gym.

5. Eat Carbs in the morning, Fat at night
Your body tends to handled carbs better in the morning and fat at night, and vice versa. The exception to this rule being your post work out meal, as your post work meal should be high in carbs, because your body is going to put them to use.

6. Eat less on your Non-workout days
The title really says it all for this. If you’re not working out, eat less to match your lower energy requirements for that day. Play around with how much less you, but start with somewhere around 200-300 calories less on non-workout days.

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