23 Sep, 2008

How To Avoid Dieting Peer Pressure

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Dieting can be extremely difficult – especially if your friends don’t care that you’ve got to resist so many temptations. It’s been said that dieting is possibly one of the most difficult things that one can do because it goes against every habit we naturally think is “right”…

Since dieting gets us to change our calorie intake, the types of food we eat and even the frequency of our eating pattern, our bodies are naturally yearning for us to get out there and return to our old habits. That’s where the feeling of “temptation” comes from in dieting – the natural lust you have to return your old unhealthy eating patterns instead of the new ‘alien’ habits that you’ve forced your body to adopt.

So when you venture out to a restaurant or the pub with your friends, it’s easy to ‘forget’ your diet and submit to the ‘peer pressure’ that your friends subconsciously place on you.

Just because they can enjoy calorie laden beer and fatty foods, it doesn’t mean that it’s healthy for you to. You’ve got to stay motivated enough that you can actually reject any offer of beer, unhealthy food or anything that will cause you to break your diet.

The fact is that it’s so easy to just sneak a little snack in here or have the wrong kind of food there, but just remember that “it all adds up“…

Going out with your friends is one thing but leaving your diet at home is another altogether. One of the most prominent reasons why people fail so much when they ‘diet’ is because they simply aren’t comitted to it enough. This means that instead of actually sticking to a diet and losing weight – they start a diet, quit after a week and start looking for a new diet.

If that’s your mentality then I’m sorry to say that you’re not going to lose a lot of weight what so ever. If you’re easily persuaded to drop what you’ve been working so hard to do just so you can have a ‘good time’ with your friends, you will fail with your diet.

And there’s no two ways about it….

Except, of course, you use ‘going out with your friends’ as a reward for your previous good dieting efforts.

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