22 Sep, 2008

Why Consistency Is The Key To Weight Loss…

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How many diets have you been on in the past year?
Random question I know – but I’m going to stick my neck out and bet that your answer is going to be ‘too many’.

My reasoning is simple – each year, we’re ‘sold’ diets as the perfect solution to our weight troubles. Although they do help us reduce our waistlines in the short term, in actual fact – all they do is put your body under a lot of stress which we need to sooth after the diet has finished (hence the reason why we put most of the weight back on when it’s done).

The term ‘yo-yo dieting’ has been coined to describe this effect – where you use diets as short-term fat burning furnaces which do very little to help you in the long term – leading to rapid weight gain after you’re finished with the diet. The fact is that although diet change is a key component to successful weight loss, you need to be able to maintain your new weight after you’ve finished on the diet in order to be truly successful.

No matter how many diets you endure, you’re still going to become a lot more ‘relaxed’ after you’ve achieved your target weight and with a more relaxed attitude comes less restraint and less regimentation.

I want to introduce you to a ‘system’ which I believe is the main reason I stay a constant weight all year round – consistency. Consistency is the art of keeping your diet and routine more of less the same every day of the week and it’s a concept which I feel is extremely powerful in keeping a lean figure.

We get fat because our body burns less calories than we consume. We have more left-over energy than we are burning which means that our metabolism sends it to be made into fat. Now, the reason why you have left-over energy is because your body holds back the amount that is burned because it doesn’t know how much you’re going to have to eat and how much energy it has to play with.

Our brain is not the same as our body – in that although we know we’re going to get fed tomorrow – our metabolism doesn’t. It just goes by what we ate and did yesterday… Which means that in order to keep your weight constantly low, you’ve got to give your body little reason to store extra fat.

Of course you could have “treats” each week (like on Sunday) but overall, you need to be keeping you daily intake of food the same…

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