21 Sep, 2008

5 Ways A Recession Will Make Us Slimmer

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It’s been on the books for months and with the recent collapse of Lehman Brothers and the turmoil that brought, some of the World’s top economists are now talking about a possible recession.

No matter how “bad” a recession will get, it will always be a “good” way to help us lose weight and here’s 5 reasons why:

1. Lower levels of employment will mean less money to spend on “junk food”
Although we won’t stop going to the evil fast food chains altogether, a marked reduction in disposable income should see a drop in customer levels for the likes of McDonalds, Burger King and KFC…

With less people poisoning themselves at these places, the health benefits should be obvious.

2. Higher food prices will encourage more people to grow their own fresh, natural, healthy foods
This has already started to happen with the food price increases earlier in the year, but with a recession, the effect would likely be amplified – When food prices become too much to buy, many people will resort to growing their own herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Obviously, eating these fresh, natural foods will not only give your body a restbite from the chemical-stuffed ‘mutant foods’ of the supermarkets but it will also introduce millions of people to the profound benefits of a home-grown dish.

3. ‘Beer Money’ will be a LOT lower.. meaning less fattening beer will be drunk
With the cost of living exploding and disposable incomes dwindling, money meant for beer will be so low for most adults that their rate of alcohol consumption will diminish dramatically.

With a standard pint of beer containing as much as 200 calories, many ‘beer guts’ will undoubtedly dissappear as more and more will stay clear of the pub.

4. More locally grown produce will be on offer
With fuel prices soaring, more and more companies are looking to cut costs by using locally grown foods. This will benefit our health because locally grown foods are not ‘factory farmed’ in the same ways as major food producers, so all the pesticides and chemicals that they use will be absent.

This means that what you will be eating will be a lot more organic, whole foods which will have a fraction of the nasty contents that more commercial foods have.

5. We’ll become more active
With higher living costs, it makes sense to sit at the computer less, drive less and watch less TV all with the goal of saving on electricity and fuel.

By becoming more active, even if its just to walk 20 more meters a day, we’ll burn more calories which will eventually bring a reduction in the size of your waistline…

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