21 Sep, 2008

Don’t Like Fruit? Here’s a fool-proof way to 5 a day

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In a world full of sugar laden delights and sweet sensations, it’s no wonder that many thousands of people simply can’t bring themselves to eat just 5 small pieces of fruit each day. Although we’ve been told time and time again that ‘5-a-day’ is the healthiest way to eat, I’d guess that as many as 95% of people don’t actually achieve that.

Even people with an average build, such as myself, find it hard to eat the recommended portions of fruit every day simply because we don’t like most of it. Because we live in a World with McDonalds and KFC around every corner, it’s so easy to fill your diet with the fat-filled feasts that are there to expand your wasitline.

The thing that most people on the news and in the media ‘forget’ is that to eat the recommended daily dosage of fruits, we actually have to like them.

To tell the truth, I can only handle two kinds of fruit – but I still manage to eat 5 portions of them each day. And although I don’t enjoy eating them, I actually find it pretty easy to do with this little “routine” I’ve developed.

The only fruits I ever eat are Bananas or Apples. I can’t stand all the other types of fruit out there because I simply can’t stand their sloppy texture in my mouth and I’m guessing you’re the same

The little “routine” I’ve developed to ensure that I eat my daily dosage of fruits is this:

-> Eat 1 piece of fruit before breakfast
-> Eat 2 pieces of fruit before lunch
-> Eat 1 piece of fruit before dinner
-> Eat 1 piece of fruit before bed

Now, I don’t know how ‘healthy’ eating fruit before meals and bed is but it’s done something for me which I am sure you will be able to benefit from immensely.

I make the whole fruit-eating experience into a buildup to my main meal. I ‘get it out of the way’ so I can then enjoy my meal without feeling guilty or worried about what I’m eating in that meal.┬áIt’s basically doing a ‘good deed’ so that you can finally eat in the knowledge that you’ve actually done something healthy.

Not only that but there’s also a much more potent benfit to eating your daily allowance of fruit in this way…

You are concentrating on eating tiny amounts of fruit each sitting, which means that you don’t feel like you’re struggling to accommodate it into your diet. Because you’re feeling hungry before your meal, eating fruit doesn’t seem half as bad because you’re actually looking for something to eat.

I used to take 5 bananas to work with me and eat them ALL on the train in the morning. It used to be such a chor because I had to eat 5 foods which I didn’t really want to eat. It wasn’t a surprise to me, then, that I actually abaondoned that way of doing things after about two weeks because I simply HATED it.

I then adopted this current “staggered method” of eating fruit before each meal and found that I simply enjoyed it 100 times more than before.

If you’re struggling with eating fruits, then why not try eating a few fruits before your next meals, like I do?

I’ll write some more about this later so keep your eyes peeled!


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